Does an “apple a day [really] keeps the doctor away”?

Facts about the fruit loved-by-all:

  1. It contains no cholesterol, fat and sodium. (Therefore not being harmful to your health).
  2. Has a low calorie count of 80. (Perfect choice of food to lose some pounds).
  3. It’s got loads of great nutrients: vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! (Resists your body from various diseases, prevents many types of cancers, promotes bone strength and brain health).
  4.  But sadly it does not prevent all health problems from occurring.
So it is necessary to have a wide variety of other fruits, especially citrus fruits, tropical fruits and berries as they are known to be highly nutritional along with the ‘apple’.
Source: Fitday


  1. Syed Aalishan · August 26, 2012

    So you [really] want us to spend more 😀

  2. Anam Tariq · August 26, 2012

    Spend more on what?

    • Syed Aalishan · August 28, 2012

      until now we relied on “An apple a day :D” you said Apple is just not enough, so we have to buy other fruits also….

      • Anam Tariq · August 29, 2012

        Hehehe. Fruits are not that expensive, you know. So you can eat at least 1-2 fruits per day.

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